Smoke alarm user guide

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Smoke alarm user guide

Please expect a longer than normal response time as a result of recent current events. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to provide support as quickly as possible.

We encourage you to use our online Help Center and Community Forum for additional options during this time. Here are a few basics on how to silence Nest Protect, learn about Pathlight and how to change its settings and know the differences between Heads-Up and Emergency Alarms.

Your Nest Protect does some work behind-the-scenes like automatically running a Self Test to check its batteries and sensors or running a Sound Check 2nd gen to check its speakers, buzzer and light ring. You should also run a Safety Checkup at least once a month to check that your Nest Protects are working properly. These articles explain what to do when you encounter error codes or have Wi-Fi connectivity issues, when you need to replace the batteries, and ways to clean your smoke and CO alarm.

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Nest Protect basics Here are a few basics on how to silence Nest Protect, learn about Pathlight and how to change its settings and know the differences between Heads-Up and Emergency Alarms. Learn more about how Nest Protect works Your Nest Protect does some work behind-the-scenes like automatically running a Self Test to check its batteries and sensors or running a Sound Check 2nd gen to check its speakers, buzzer and light ring.

Troubleshooting Nest Protect These articles explain what to do when you encounter error codes or have Wi-Fi connectivity issues, when you need to replace the batteries, and ways to clean your smoke and CO alarm. Was this helpful? Yes No. Need more help? Try these next steps:.Quick Links. Table of Contents.

Smoke Alarm User's Guide. Firex smoke alarm user's manual gc, ic, pg, pad, padc, iarc, par 8 pages. Smoke alarms are designed to minimize false alarms. Cigarette smoke will not normally set off the alarm, unless the smoke is blown directly into the alarm. Combustion particles from cook- ing may set off the alarm if it is located too close to the cook- ing area.

Page 3: Contents Of This Manual We know you expect nothing less when the lives of your family are at stake. Dust particles may cause nuisance alarm or failure to alarm. Moisture or steam can cause nuisance alarms. When wall mounting, make sure the battery box is at the bottom of the unit. Pull the Battery Pull Tab red tab protruding from the unit completely out of the unit unit and slide the battery door completely closed.

Page Operation And Testing 4.

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When the smoke alarm ionization chamber senses products of combustion, the horn will sound a loud 85db tem- poral alarm until the sensing chamber is cleared of smoke particles. Page Nuisance Alarms Alarm Memory: This smoke alarm is equipped with an alarm memory, which provides a visual indication when an alarm has been activated.

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The red LED will illuminate for about 1. Page Alarm Removal 6. To remove the alarm from the trim ring, rotate the alarm counter clockwise in the direction of the "OFF" Page Good Safety Habits associated with slow smoldering fires sooner than ionization alarms. Home fires develop in different ways and are often unpredictable.

For maximum protection, Firex recommends that both Ionization and Photoelectric alarms be installed. Ensure that small children hear the alarm and wake when it sounds. The required number of smoke alarms might not provide reliable early warning protection for those areas separated by a door from the areas protected by the required smoke alarms.

For this reason, it is recommended that the householder consider the use of addi- tional smoke alarms for those areas for increased protection.Learn how to replace the batteries in a smoke or CO detector.

Alarms with removeable non-sealed batteries need fresh batteries about once per year. Replacement Battery. Battery Location? Sealed battery; cannot be replaced. Front of unit—bottom left corner.

Two AA batteries. Back of the alarm. Sealed lithium battery: replace entire alarm. If your model isn't listed, check your manual for more information on appropriate replacement batteries. Learn more in our guides:. Skip to Main Content. Home Product Support. Expand search. Search Search. Fields Title. URL Name.

Article Text. Rechargeable batteries are not recommended. Refer to the chart to find the right batteries for common First Alert alarms.

smoke alarm user guide

If your alarm is hardwired, turn off power. Remove the alarm from the ceiling or wall. Check the chart in this article or your user manual to find the right replacement batteries, typically 9V or AA.

Open the battery drawer. Remove the old batteries.

Product Manuals

Insert the new batteries, and make sure the contact points are facing the right direction. Close the battery drawer and remount your unit. Was this information helpful? Yes Maybe No. Number of Views Number of Views 1. Number of Views 3.

Need more help? Email us.

WIFI Hidden Camera Smoke Detector

Give us a call. First Alert Home.Installing and maintaining smoke and carbon monoxide CO detectors can save your life. Luckily, they're inexpensive and easy to install. Newer models also offer more features. For example, interconnected detectors communicate between devices and provide integrated, whole-house protection. Whether the detectors are hardwired or wirelessly connected, with such a system when one detects smoke or carbon monoxide, all of them will sound.

For smoke detectors, we test their response time to both flaming fires and smoldering, smokey fires. For carbon monoxide detectors, we test them against low CO levels at parts per million and high CO levels at ppm. We also test the accuracy of their carbon monoxide measurements if they offer readings through a digital display or audio announcements.

Combination detectors go through both sets of tests, while smart detectors receive additional testing for their wireless connectivity and smartphone alerts. All of these test results are then folded into our comprehensive smoke and carbon monoxide detector ratings.

How to Change Batteries in First Alert Alarms

You can find standalone smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors, as well as combination smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in smart and non-internet-connected forms. All three detector types offer standalone and interconnected varieties. Consumer Reports has yet to test a combination detector that is effective at detecting carbon monoxide, smoldering fires, and flaming fires, which is why we recommend consumers use a combination of detectors in their homes for complete protection.

Fires burn differently: Some flare, some smolder. Ionization Smoke Detectors are best at detecting the small particles typical of fast, flaming fires. But in our tests, all tested poorly for detecting smoky, smoldering fires. Ionization units are prone to false alarms from burnt food and steam, so don't mount them near a kitchen or bathroom. Photoelectric Smoke Detectors are best at detecting the large particles typical of smoky, smoldering fires but poor at detecting fast, flaming fires.

smoke alarm user guide

Photoelectric units are less prone to false alarms from burnt food, so they may be a better fit in kitchen areas. Dual-Sensor Smoke Detectors combine ionization and photoelectric technology to detect both flaming and smoldering fires, offering you the best protection and saving you the hassle of installing two separate smoke detectors.

But you may still need to install carbon monoxide detectors, if appropriate for your home. Carbon monoxide detectors use sensors to detect the presence of CO in your home.

Some models include digital displays to show the level of CO they detect, and some can read out the CO level via audio messages. Remember, carbon monoxide detectors do not detect smoke or explosive gases, such as natural gas, propane, and methane.

Combination detectors incorporate ionization or photoelectric technologies and carbon monoxide detection to protect against both smoke and CO. Both conventional not internet-connected and "smart" models are available. Smart detectors offer additional features through a companion smartphone app. Some models connect to the internet via WiFi, while others require an additional bridge or hub, which are standalone devices that connect smart home devices to the internet.

Consumer Reports has yet to test a combination detector with both ionization and photoelectric sensors that can capably detect CO, flaming fires, and smoldering fires. We tested one smart model that claims to have all three sensors, but it still failed our flaming fire test, which ionization sensors are designed to detect. Smoke detectors are a must in all homes, and carbon monoxide detectors are needed for any home with fuel-burning appliances such as a furnace, water heater, range, cooktop, or grill.

Even those living in all-electric homes should install carbon monoxide detectors, because CO can seep into the house from an attached garage or if a backup generator is used too close to your living quarters during a power outage. You'll need smoke detectors that detect flaming and smoldering fires for each bedroom, with at least one detector installed on each floor, including in a finished attic and in the basement. You should also have a carbon monoxide detector on each living level, in the basement, and near not inside an attached garage.

Use the illustration below as a guide to where you need detectors and tally up the number of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors you need to buy.

Keep in mind that your home might need more or fewer detectors depending on its size and number of rooms. Check Local Regulations Before you shop, check regulations in your area. Your town or state might have specific requirements such as when you sell your home about what you need, including types of detectors and their placement.

Also, some insurance companies offer a discount for homes with smoke detectors.Quick Links. Table of Contents. Smoke and Fire Alarm. Thank you for purchasing this smoke and fire alarm. It is an important. You can trust this product to. We know you expect noth. For your convenience, write down the following information.

If you call our Consumer Hotline, these are the first questions. Smoke Alarm Model Number located on back of alarm :. Date Code located on back of alarm. The National Fire Protection.

Association NFPA and the manufacturer recommend replacing this alarm. Kidde smoke alarm user's manual ca ca peca 13 pages. Smoke and heat alarm v interconnectable mains operated alarms 10 pages.

Smoke and heat alarm; v interconnectable mains operated alarms 10 pages. Page 2: Contents Of This Manual This product is designed to detect products of combustion using the ionization technique. Distributed under U. NRC License No. Page 3: Mounting Instructions 3. Mount the trim ring to the electrical box, using the appropriate holes.

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First Alert Smoke Alarm Manuals

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smoke alarm user guide

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smoke alarm user guide

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