Feng shui 2020 flying stars

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Feng shui 2020 flying stars

It is believed that all placement considerations, from the smallest decorative object up to the overall design of a structure or property, constitute its Feng Shui. One popular method of Feng Shui is the Flying Star system, which represents the nine directions and the major stars that move in and out through these quadrants. This system was probably inspired by the constellation we call the Big Dipper.

This particular method is called Flying Stars due to the constant motion directional impact of these energies. People that ascribe to this school look at the horoscope of a building.

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By analyzing the stars present in each the various directions one can designate in which quadrant Feng Shui appointments should be installed to reduce negative influences and to activate auspicious energies. Foo Dogs, coins, etc. Check their condition and if you find them to be damaged you must replace them.


However, there should be at least one new ingredient in your Flying Star recipe representing a new beginning a new year.

New Year Paper Couplets must always be new. Here are the predictions for each sector. In order to elevate your relationship, use bright colorful flowers here. To help you socially, add a water plant to this area. No soil — only water. Use the color blue to bring in more activity. Proven methods for negating these are to donate blood and perform good deeds. Chinese deities such as the Eight Immortals were often portrayed carrying a gourd, in which they would capture and contain evil spirits. Avoid using the colors yellow and red here.

You can also place a Golden Pi Xiu facing this direction. Its influence is characterized by disharmony in business or family relationships.Every year, the annual flying stars change their location around February 4th, according to the Chinese solar calendar. As a feng shui practitioner, you must first understand the effects of the negative stars and know how to submit them with elemental cures. Then, you can take care of the favorable stars and how to activate them.

Applying the guidelines listed below will save you not only from a lot of negative impacts, but it will at the same time increase your chances of happiness and success in the year And a little remark to finish: not putting elemental cures in a negative sector of your home or office will not be a problem if you can avoid using it!

So remember, try to spend more time in the favorable areas and avoid as much as possible the unfavorable sectors. It represents status, power, authority, success and accomplishments that are achieved through hard work and perseverance.

The Southeast is therefore an excellent sector to use if you want to move up in your career or if you are looking for recognition for your work. So, try to use this sector as often as possible this year! By cons, if the external environment does not support this sector or that your bedroom is located here, the negative sides of this star may emerge and cause feelings of loneliness and sadness.

This year, it is strengthened by the sector in which it resides. Pregnant women and the elderly should avoid this area. Avoid Fire energy in this sector. The occupants of your home or your workplace who use this area should therefore excel in their studies or research.

If you have children at school or university, or have researchers or writers among your family members, install them in this area so they can enjoy the benefits of this star and see positive results in their work.

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It should be avoided for all significant activities or even, if possible, completely avoided! If this is not feasible, be sure to pacify the negative energies of this area by placing Metal elements or a salt-water cure.

This year, the Star 5 is activated by the sector in which it resides. Remove any Fire energy from this sector and avoid renovating this part of your home, at the risk of attracting bad luck, illness, lawsuits and money loss in your life. If for whatever reason you have to still have to renovate it, you will do so by choosing a good date that has been carefully calculated.

The star 7 which is in the Center in can bring volatile emotions and, by extension, cause disputes, violence and slander, but also injuries and fire outbreaks.

2020 Flying Star Feng Shui - Year of the Metal Rat

People with existing health problems or complications could expect hospitalization or surgery if the external environment does not support this part of your home. Couples who use this area can expect regular disagreements and quarrels. Keep in mind that if your front door is located here, you might be more susceptible to theft and loss.

So it will be better for you to take extra care regarding security matters. Moreover, the star 7 can mean unhealthy competition and rivalry in your career.

Feng Shui 2020 House Guide - Flying Stars of Rat Year

Install a Yin Water cure to remedy and remove all Earth and Metal energy from this sector. It always means good news, happy events and a promotion. It is also the star of popularity, glory and beauty. The West is therefore a good sector to use if you want to start something new or start another career, because the energies present in this sector encourage new departures.Chinese New Year will be marked across the world on January During period 8, from to the three luckiest star numbers are 8, 6 and 1 while the unlucky stars are 2, 3, 5 and 7.

These energies bring prosperity and harmony, and many couples will be able to communicate more efficiently in We will notice that many times duringeven if we do our best, even if we work hard, we will fail to see any of the expected results in our lives.

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South is not very favorable inbecause it is governed by the Illness Star. This flying star sometimes indicates health issues, especially for older women or women who are pregnant, and difficulties concerning real estate investments.

East is the most dangerous side of the house because is under the influence of the Yellow Flying Star 5. If this is not possible, you need to minimalize the bad omen effluxions from here by placing Feng Shui remedies.

The Northwest of the Lo Shu square is considered the sector of prosperity. It is associated with happiness, fame and wealth, with reaping the fruits of your hard work, your efforts. If the main house door is situated here, you can expect important benefits out of your investments and a notable advancement in your career. Money Frog will bring you wealth. Check On Amazon Golden Elephant It symbolizes power, wisdom, strength, fertility, and home protection. Check On Amazon.

The Southwest part of your property is influenced by an extremely auspicious star for any study or educational activity. Those who have a job or activate in an occupational field related to study can evolve in their enterprises. If your children are going to school or college, or any of your family members are researchers, artists or writers, have them established in the south area of the house, so they can enjoy the benefits of this Flying Star.

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This Flying Star reflects the power, the status, the authority obtained through hard and perseverant work. For this reason, the Southeast side is an excellent sector to use in case you want to move up the professional hierarchy or if you want to gain recognition and appreciation for your career achievements. Beware though! In case your bedroom is also placed in this sector, you can be affected by negative dispositions that could induce loneliness and sadness feelings or generate sudden changes, especially at work!

Check On Amazon Ru Yi create a unique chi, which will have the ability to increase career luck, generate respect and recognition Check On Amazon Elephant Statue It symbolizes power, wisdom, strength, fertility, and home protection. Emerged in the Centre sector inthis Flying Star can cause some impulsive momentary emotions, thus causing disputes, violence and gossip and also health issues that could lead to hospitalization or surgical interventions. To remove such negative energies, it is recommended to place a Feng Shui remedy, such as Yin Water in sector 7 of your house.

Check On Amazon Blue Rhino and Elephant Amulet endurance, longevity, peace, harmony, authority, good luck and success Check On Amazon Blue Dragon for those who suffer from illnesses with speedy recovery.

The name of the star indicates its capacity to multiply and to redirect the influence of other stars.

feng shui 2020 flying stars

Almost always, it signifies good news, happy events and career promotion.I'm ready to feng shui my home for Year of the Rat! And maybe even build an income with it! Register NOW! Having completed the Master Programme for Xuan Kong Feng Shui, Master Programme for Bazi, Master Programme for Xuan Kong Da Gua Date Selection as well as Advanced Flying Star Feng ShuiI am proud to be part of this school that promotes classical feng shui, where a lot of feng shui myths are dispelled and more can be done to help the client before they are told that nothing can be done to remedy their challenges and they need to just move out.

I want to help make feng shui more accessible to enthusiasts who find it hard to get good advise based on pure feng shui, and to be their advisor as well as friend so they get exactly what they need, personalized to their charts, as opposed to what a book tells them what generally works.

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And this website will be the vehicle for me to start spreading the message that feng shui works — if you work it right! I believe feng shui to be an outer tool where you manipulate how you want the energy of your surroundings to align with the results that you want in your life, be it career, money, relationships, health etc. But I also strongly believe that if you combine feng shui with inner tools such as mantras, meditation, visualization, positive self-image, energy healing etc, you will really empower yourself and your journey of manifesting that which you desire.

Facebook Google RSS. Feng Shui Year of the Rat! Get access to my free presentation NOW. Would you invest 4 days to learn a life-long skill that can help you unlock more abundance and joy in your life?

Learn More About Manifesting Code. Subscribe to my channel. Love the content? Spread the love!According to Chinese cosmology, the standard Lo Shu or Luo Shu square is itself divided into 9 squares. Knowing that the central square symbolizes the center, the other 8 cells indicate the cardinal and intermediate directions north, north-east, east, south-east, south, southwest, west, north-west. It should also be noted that a Feng Shui compass indicates the North at the bottom and the South at the topas opposed to the Western mode of representation.

Each cell of the standard Luo Shu square is correlated to one of the 5 elements, a number and a direction. In the standard Lo shu square, the horizontal, vertical or diagonal addition of the numbers always gives the result Thus, the central cell of the standard magic square is occupied by number 5, the Yang Earth element.

Numbers 2 and 8 represent the Yang Earth and Yin Earth elements. Finally, in the standard configuration of the magic square, the number 5 represents the center, the number 1 is associated with the North, the 2 with the Southwest, the 3 with the East, the 4 with the Southeast, the 6 with the Northwest, the 7 with the West, 8 with the Northeast and the 9 with the South. The astrological prediction system of the 9 flying stars used in Feng Shui differs somewhat from Chinese astrology, although it also uses the 5 elements of Wu XingFire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood.

Each star is represented by a number from 1 to 9. They have their own functions and change cells every year from the fixed date of February 4, to occupy a new location within the standard Luo Shu square. Their year-to-year mobility within the Luo Shu square is at the origin of their name of the 9 flying stars. In addition, each star is also associated with one of the five elements in its Yin or Yang form with its corresponding colors.

In the case of an activation or weakening of a sector, the interaction of the element of the standard Lo Shui square and the superimposed star is analyzed in order to apply the most appropriate solution. In order to activate and exploit the positive effects but also to avoid the negative effects of the sites locations and directions of the current year and apply them to the house according to traditional Feng Shui techniques, it is necessary to analyze the type of interaction created during the meeting between the flying star and the fixed number of the standard magic square.

When it is a positive interaction in a sector, the life aspiration related to the sector concerned can be activated. To learn more about the neutralization and rebalancing of the 5 elements of Feng Shui, click here.

Following a description of the nine Feng Shui flying stars' characteristics and their position inKarmaWeather invites you to consult the most favorable directions according to the Kua number of your year of birth as well as favorable and lucky directions specific to the year Finally, discover our tips and Feng Shui cures concerning the sectors to activate in your house or your apartment.

Calculate the Kua number of your year of birth: What is my Kua number? To be honorably known among those around you, to improve your social status and thus allow you to open yourself to new social perspectives, it is the location related to this star which must be activated during the year To obtain recognition in your field and generate prosperity and wealth in your existence, the Lucky Star is placed in Northeast from February 4, until February 3, full duration of the Feng Shui Bagua year.

To activate this area, place your workstation on the Northeast side of your office or set up your desk to the Northeast of your room by turning it in the same direction. If, by changing the location of your desk, you happen to be seated with the front door behind your back, you then need to place a mirror in front of you so you can always see the door of your office. Pregnant people, the elderly and people with chronic illnesses can be particularly sensitive to the influence of this star.

This sector should be avoided as much as possible. Inthe star of the disease is placed in the South. Under no circumstances should this sector be activated or provoked. This star is associated with the Earth element. You should avoid any activity, renovation interior decoration in this area of your home or office throughout the Feng Sui year of Also and above all, avoid using the Fire element in the Southern sector in To counter effectively the negative energies of this Staruse Metal cures in this sector.

feng shui 2020 flying stars

It can cause career problems, or poor management of your reputation followed by impoverishment or separation. Inthe Quarrelsome Star is placed in the North. Moreover, during the Feng Shui year ofthe negative effect of the Quarrelsome Star is reinforced by the element of the North sector Water. In order to lessen its influence, apply a Feng Shui cure affiliated with the Fire element candle, electric lamp, television, radio, computer, hi-fi system.

Inthe Star of Love and Studies is positioned in the Southwest sector. If you have children who are studying inuse this area for their bedroom or office, always taking care not to position the back of the chair of their desk facing the front door of the room.

The 4th star is also the star of love and marital happiness. Hanging a photo of your couple in this area will strengthen your romantic relationship and your love life.From the beginning of Spring in February 4,the nine flying stars of Feng Shui will fly to their new positions.

This article presents the precautions, cures and methods to minimise the negative impact of unlucky stars and amplify the benefits of the auspicious stars. If done right, these directions will allow you to eliminate bad energy and bring good luck all year round! InEast will be the most ominous side of the house as the five yellow will fly to the East.

The five yellow star is the ultimate bad luck star among all nine stars as it causes misfortune, accidental injuries, disasters, disputes and bleeding. Be extra careful if your windows, main door, seating, bed or stove area is in the east position under the influence of this star as it may bring misfortune, financial issues and disputes within your home.

Avoid the East for any important activities and if that is not possible then minimise the bad effects with Feng Shui cures. Rat and dragon natives are most affected by the bad energies from flying star five. South is not very auspicious for as the flying star 2, commonly known as the black star will fly to the South. The two black star or Ju Men is highly ominous star that brings pain, accidents and illness.

The two star brings health issues especially for older women, and women who are pregnant. Unsuitable Feng Shui arrangement in this area will result in disastrous consequences such as illnesses, marital disputes and family misfortunes. South zones of your home, office or the ship will be affected by the illness star and you need to be careful about injuries, illnesses and financial losses.

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The North will be influenced by the three blue, also known as the quarrelsome star. As the name suggests, this star may bring disputes, lawsuits, theft and quarrels your way. A lawsuit, illness or business quandary may strike you if your desk, bed or front door is in the North direction.

The element of water should be kept away from the region while fire is encouraged.

feng shui 2020 flying stars

People will liver, skin and limb afflictions are advised to stay away from this Northern region as it will worsen their health. An improper placement in the North will result in bad luck, financial loss and illness.

Four Green or Wen Qu is known as the romantic or academics star and in it will be in the southwest position. However, in this star will be inauspicious and have serious consequences on career, academics and study fortunes. This star is responsible for fame, advanced academics, research, and career so it will be affecting families with teachers, students, researchers and creatives. The nine Purple or You Bi star flies to the west in This star is a multiplicative and celebrative star that signifies festivities and auspicious events.

A suitable Feng Shui arrangement in the West can bring happiness such as a wedding ceremony, birth of a baby, a commendation or success. However, the wrong layout in west can result in bad luck for health, relationship, finances and can cause injury as well.

The flying star eight white in the star in charge of prosperity, luck and fortune. This star flies to the Northwest in which signifies great luck for the males in the family. With the right placement of Feng Shui in this direction you can get prosperity with good events such as promotions and significant developments in your career. The wrong placement will result in the opposite in the form of poor health and unforeseen financial issues.

The star is mixed and its effects change between inauspicious and auspicious. Flying star seven is a robbery star that defines loss of luck, disputes, extramarital affairs and substance abuse. Wrong Feng Shui in this direction may bring obstacles in career, extramarital love affairs, false charges, and a bad luck.

However this star can be quite advantageous if you are involved in entertainment and art. Six white star or Wu Qu reflects status, power and authority. When it is auspicious the flying star 6 will help you move up the professional hierarchy with promotions and great success. On the other hand, if it is inauspicious, it can represent accidents, financial loss and lawsuits.

Unfortunately this year, the direction is not auspicious so any doors and windows in the southeast can actually bring bad luck for people involved in science and technology, agriculture, mining and real estate. Establishing the right Feng Shui for this area can bring luck in employment and job hunting efforts for the hosts of the house. Office Feng Shui.It belongs to water in five elements and mainly affects people's marriage and relation with others.

It belongs to earth in five elements and is mainly adverse to health, especially gynecological and gastrointestinal diseases. It belongs to wood in five elements and may lead to lawsuit, dispute, quarrel and theft. It belongs to wood in five elements and is good for study, exam, advanced study, fame and clerical work. It belongs to earth in five elements and is adverse to health, may lead to misfortune.

It belongs to metal in five elements and is good for promotion, military official and wealth. It has the strong destructive force, belongs to metal in five elements and mainly leads to financial losses, theft, prison and injury. It belongs to earth in five elements and is very good for wealth and promotion. It belongs to fire in five elements and means all kinds of festive and auspicious things, especially wedding and baby birth.

So, the location of the annual Tai Sui should be paid much attention to. Tai Sui for is General Lu Mi. Inthe Grand Duke is located in the North. The Year Breaker Star clashes with the Grand Duke and should be treated with the same degree of caution. The direction of Year Breaker is located in the South in What to Avoid: 1. Avoid moving into a house facing towards the Grand Duke that is North in Avoid renovations, groundbreaking or major changes in the two directions of North and South in If you are under one of these signs, you should avoid Northwest and Southest directions especially.

Popular Topics Chinese Horoscope. Hand Lines Head Line. Marriage Line. Children Line. Palm Reading Types of Hand. House Feng Shui House Building. Basics Feng Shui. Organs on Face Forehead. Basics Face Shapes. Home Feng Shui Feng Shui Everyone is making new plans and preparations for the life, work, love and study in the year. If you can learn your good or bad Feng Shui directions in your environment in advance and correctly adjust the Feng Shui layout in time, you could have prosperous family, successful career, good luck for wealth and examination and live a happy, healthy and peaceful life.

In Year of the Rat, the nine flying stars fly to the new positions from February 4,the Beginning of Spring. With the position change of the flying stars, the auspicious or inauspicious property of the nine directions in home Feng Shui also changes.

However, you can adjust the Feng Shui layout by changing the nine directions in home or living room. The property of the nine stars at the corresponding directions inprecautions and cures are mentioned below. If you can use the directions properly, you will resolve the bad impact of inauspicious stars and strengthen the benefit of auspicious stars to get good luck and drive away bad energy!


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